Volume 1, No. 8 - November 2010
Education Central
- Things to know about your continuing education

Know Your CE Course Authorities
Before taking a continuing education course, make sure it is approved for the "course authority" that falls within the scope of your license. For example, if you take a 2-15 Life, Health and Variable Annuity course, but you only have a 2-14 Life and Variable Annuity license, you may not necessarily receive CE credit. Additionally, if you are an adjuster, but take a 2-20 General Lines course, you will not receive CE credit.

In order to be sure that you receive CE credit, check the CE requirements for your license type. To do this:

  1. Go to our division's web site at www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Agents
  2. Click the "Education Central" icon Education Central
  3. Clicking CE Requirements by License
  4. Select your License Type and Class
  5. Click Search
  6. Click your Scenario Name based on your license and years of experience.
This will provide the acceptable course authorities for your license to help you search for an approved course. You can click here to search for approved CE courses.

Reducing Your Number of Required CE Hours
Many agents are eligible for a reduction in their continuing education if they have 25 years experience as a licensed agent. This experience can be a combination of years from any state(s). An agent must submit a completed "Application for CLU/CPCU/College Degree + Experience Status" (Form DFS-H2-1109) along with documentation of the appropriate designation or college degree to be reviewed. This form can be printed from our web site at www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Agents under the "Forms" section. A reduction of hours cannot be approved over the telephone; a written request must be submitted by the agent. You may also be eligible to receive a reduction for being licensed in Florida more than 6 years. The 6-year reduction is automatic and does not require the submission of an application to our office.
[See Section 626.2815(3)(c), F.S., and Rule 69B-228.220(5), F.A.C.]