The Pulse
Volume 1, No. 5 - June 2010
  Welcome to The Pulse!

This issue we're happy to provide an update on the laws enacted this legislative session. Be sure to read the In The Know section to get our recap. Additionally, we've incorporated your suggestions in this issue like the improved navigation. We want The Pulse to be the best so don't forget to share your feedback with us by completing the survey for this month at the link on the left.

We'd also like to mention a few things to our licensees:

First, we license a large variety of lines of business. We strive to have monthly issues of The Pulse so we can cover all the different lines while keeping it brief and succinct.

Second, it may appear sometimes that we focus on the negative by shedding light on the bad players. We want you to know that we believe the vast majority of our licensees are ethical and comply with the laws regulating them. While these "bad players" represent less than 1% of our licensee population, their impact on consumers and the industry is much greater. We feel it's important to publish information about noncompliance continuously to protect you, the industry, and your customers.

Last, some of you have asked to see more details about the Enforcement Actions we take. Being that every case is unique, we've made it available for you to review the allegation(s) and action yourself by looking at the documents for each. All you have to do is search for the case in our legal division's database by the person's name.

Be sure to bookmark our division's web site at:


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