Volume 1, No. 6 - August 2010
In The Know
- Keeping you informed is what it's all about

Changing Your Address
We cannot update your addresses or other demographic information on file without your written request. You can do this easily! Just log in to your MyProfile account and select "Address Change" on the right. Be sure you do this for the agency's license as well, if you are responsible for the agency. 

Acceptable Identification When Notarizing
If you are a notary public, you should be aware of changes to major federal-issued IDs - including passports and "Green Cards". The most notable changes have been prompted by the emergence of the new federal "Passport Card" - a wallet-sized identification card issued for travelers crossing U.S. borders with Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, at land and sea entry points. The Passport Card contains a photograph and limited information about the bearer.  You should familiarize yourself with the Passport Card's appearance and information.  It does not currently qualify as satisfactory evidence of identification for the purposes of notarization.

The federal government also has changed the appearance of another longtime identification document, the Permanent Resident Card or "Green Card," in an effort to thwart fakes. In May, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a redesign of the card with additional security features, and they are now all colored green to match their common nickname.

Appointing Customer Representatives
Customer representatives (4-40s) must be appointed through the MyProfile account of the supervising general lines agent (2-20) or the licensed/registered insurance agency for which the customer representative works. To do this, go to MyProfile, log in, and select the "Access eAppoint" button under "Apply". If you have never used eAppoint, you must first register and will need to select “Register to become an appointing entity”. Once in the eAppoint Workbench, select the required tab (New Appointment, Renew Appointment, etc.) and follow the instructions on the page. Click here for some FAQs on eAppoint to help.