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Ongoing Long-Term Care Partnership Training
Federal law requires insurance companies offering long-term care insurance to ensure their agents have received adequate training in long-term care insurance.  Agents who have met their 8-hour initial long-term care partnership training must complete 4 hours of ongoing training 24 months from the date of their initial 8-hour training. This federal requirement on insurers is regulated and monitored in Florida by the Office of Insurance Regulation (Office).  The Office continues to consider amending its rule to provide additional information about long-term care training requirements in Florida.  In the interim, we, at the Department of Financial Services, have attempted to assist agents by reviewing and approving courses that have been submitted to meet both the federal requirement and the agent's continuing education requirement.  To find these:

  • Go to the Florida course search engine.
  • Click on “Perform an advanced search”.
  • Go to the Subject Area field. Select and highlight “CE0240 Long-Term Care Partnership”.
  • Go to the Course Authority field. Select and highlight “CE 2-40 Health”.
  • Go to the Study Method field. Select and highlight the desired study method (online self-study, classroom, etc.).
  • Click on the Search button.
This will take you to a list of Florida approved courses. If you need additional help with locating Florida approved education courses, please click here to see a tutorial to assist you with finding the course you're seeking.

You can always log in to MyProfile to check your continuing education requirements, verify the hours you have completed, locate courses being offered, and see other important information about your license.

Continuing Education Requirements for Non-resident Title Agents
Legislation that became effective on October 1, 2007 changed the requirements for all non-resident title agents regarding Florida continuing education. Beginning with education compliance periods ending October 31, 2009 and after, non-resident title agents must complete 10 hours of Florida-approved continuing education courses. This requirement includes 3 hours of ethics courses using course authority CE 9908 and 7 hours of title courses using course authority CE 4-10, CE 9902, CE 9905 and CE 9906.  To locate courses, see the instructions above about searching for approved courses.


Course Providers' Requirement for Submitting Continuing Education Course Offerings
Course offering applications must be submitted no later than 30 days before the proposed first day of the course.