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  Vol. 11, No. 1 - February 2022

Compliance Corner

Adjusting Firm Licensing

The Department continues to receive the obsolete registration/designation form from adjusting firms. The form is no longer accepted as the Bureau of Licensing's adjusting firm license application became available November 18, 2021.

Please take time now to ensure your firm has applied for licensure as an adjusting firm. An adjusting firm that is owned and operated by a single licensed adjuster conducting business in his or her individual name and not employing or otherwise using the services of, or appointing, other adjusters, is exempt from the adjusting firm licensing requirements. This means an individual public adjuster can no longer personally appoint a public adjuster apprentice. As soon as a public adjuster decides to use the services of at least one apprentice, that public adjuster must now hold an adjusting firm license to be compliant with s. 626.112(9), F.S.

Attorneys at law duly licensed to practice law in the courts of this state, and in good standing with The Florida Bar, are not required to be licensed as an adjuster to adjust or participate in the adjustment of any claim, loss, or damage arising under policies or contracts of insurance. However, this exemption does not apply to non-attorneys working on behalf of, for, or with a law firm, attorney's office, or other entity providing legal services (collectively referred to hereinafter as a "law firm"). If a law firm conducts adjusting business under a name other than the name of the law firm, or the firm employs licensed insurance adjusters performing services within the scope of the Florida Insurance Code, the firm will need to be licensed as an adjusting firm in accordance with Chapter 626, Florida Statutes.

Information about the adjusting firm licensing process is available at this link to our Firm License qualifications page.

The Department is reviewing adjusting firms for compliance with the licensing law. Any adjusting firm that is found to be operating in Florida and unlicensed will be reminded to obtain a license as required by the Florida Insurance Code.

After the adjusting firm license application has been available for six months, the Department will start opening formal investigative cases on any adjusting firms that are not in compliance.

Once your firm is licensed, you may access e-Appoint via your adjusting firm's MyProfile account to appoint licensed adjusters or apprentices.

Please make sure to monitor and update your adjusting firm's MyProfile account with any changes to its email address to make sure it receives emails from us.

Title Agencies: Data Filing 2022

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (Office) is conducting its annual Title Agencies Data Filing pursuant to sections 624.307 and 627.782, F.S. and Rule 69O-186.013, F.A.C.

Title Insurance Agencies licensed at any time during Calendar Year 2021 are required filers. There are no exceptions - even if your agency closed during 2021.

Your submission is due to the Office no later than 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, May 31, 2022.

The Office's reporting system is called the Insurance Regulation Filing System. Here is the link: https://irfs.fldfs.com/

A How To guide is also available at:

Further instructions are available on OIR's website at:

If you have questions regarding this filing process, please email the Office at TitleAgencyReporting@floir.com or contact the Market Data Collections Unit at 850-413-3147. If phone lines are busy you are encouraged to send your questions by email. Your email may request that a representative from Market Data Collections call you (remember to provide your number). Calls will be returned in the order your email messages are received.

Compliance Informationcompliance globe

Department licensees and consumers can access compliance information at the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services' web page under Compliance Information. Additional information is available by license type on our Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Note: Some information in archived articles may now be out of date or superseded by changes in Florida law. Please be sure you refer to the most current law.

Make Sure You Don't Miss Important Information From Us

We highly recommend licensees routinely check their MyProfile accounts for messages from the Department. We send licensees important emails to keep you informed on issues regarding application, license, continuing education, or when appointment(s) occur. We suggest adding our domains dfs.state.fl.us and MyFloridaCFO.com to your email software's Trusted or Safe Senders List to ensure you receive email notifications from us.

Update your contact information TODAY through your MyProfile account to ensure you remain informed. You are required to abide by the Florida Insurance Code regardless of whether you read the information we provide.


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