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  Vol. 10, No. 2 - Fall 2021

Education Central

Become a More Informed CE Shopper

Social media, product reviews and internet searches are just a few of the tools people use to become more informed when shopping. Licensed insurance professionals can also become better informed when selecting a CE class by simply seeking important information from the Provider before signing up. Here are five questions a licensee may want to ask an educational provider.

What is your provider ID number and the approved course ID number?

It is important for licensees to ensure they are signing up for an approved CE course from an approved CE provider. A licensee also doesn't want to take a duplicate course. A "duplicate course completion" means completing the same course by the same provider within a 24-month period. Duplicate course completions appear on the licensee's transcript but are ineligible to be credited towards fulfilling CE requirements. We strongly recommend licensees verify the course by its course ID number to ensure the class is not a duplicate of a previous course credited to your CE record.

What must I provide in addition to completing the class to get CE credit?

Make sure the provider is aware that CE credit is expected. The provider may need additional information required by the the Department to report course completion credit. Ask the provider what additional information they will need.

Is this an approved Law and Ethics Update course for my specific license? (If looking to satisfy your law and ethics update course)

Licensees seeking to satisfy the Law and Ethics update requirement should be sure the provider had the course approved in a manner that will apply to the requirement for the licensee's specific license.

When should I expect to receive my certificate of completion?

The Department does not require licensees to submit certificates of completion unless there is a discrepancy that needs to be resolved. However, it's always a good idea to be sure the provider is complying with Department rules and issues a certificate of completion within 30 days of course completion. You can review this information in your MyProfile account.

How long does it take for my course certification to be reported to the state?

Providers have 21 calendar days to report completed credits to the state. Timely submission of credits prevents undue cancellation of appointments to transact insurance or handle insurance claims.

If you have any questions about a course, you may reach out to the approved educational course provider or email us at Education@MyFloridaCFO.com.

Are You Compliant with Your CE or Not?

To be CE compliant requires more than just taking CE courses. Below are a few suggestions for remaining CE compliant:CE shrug

CE requirements change. You should regularly review your CE status through your MyProfile account. Your total hours have specific allocation requirements that must be met. Be sure to take all the right categories of CE courses.

Check for late hours. Hours taken after your due date will still post on your compliance evaluation screen, but they will be noted as "Late". Though your hours requirement may have been met, late completion of your continuing education requirement will result in penalties.

Check prior evaluation periods. Always check previous compliance periods to make sure you are not delinquent for a prior period. Be sure to click on VIEW ENFORCEMENT NOTICE just below the Not Compliant text to check for any outstanding fines.

Check your transcript. The same course cannot be taken with the same provider within a two-year period and receive credit. This is noted on your transcript as a duplicate course. You will need to take a different course to meet your CE requirement.

We wish you success in completing your hours to remain knowledgeable in an ever-changing insurance market. And remember, your CE compliance date is your DUE date, not your DO date.

Because many factors may affect your continuing education requirement (e.g. licenses held, number of years licensed, etc.), we encourage you to periodically check your MyProfile account to determine your individual continuing education compliance requirements and status. You will also be able to find more approved CE courses after logging in to your MyProfile account versus the public search option, which limits the results to the first 100 course offerings.

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