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Volume 6, No. 10 - October 2017

Ensuring a Smooth Recovery


Dear Fellow Floridians:

Florida has faced a historic hurricane season, with multiple storms causing catastrophic damage and unprecedented flooding across vast parts of our state. Much work has been done already to get Floridians back on their feet, but many additional steps must still be taken to achieve full recovery.

Many Florida families are currently in the process of navigating the federal flood claims process, and I've so far been encouraged by the collaboration between state officials and the federal government. However, I've recently been made aware of a process change that could delay future progress.

The federal government is soon planning to transition the third-party vendor it uses to manage the 600,000 policies that are part of the National Flood Insurance Program. While the change may bring efficiencies and smoother processes, making such a shift during the heart of hurricane season also stands to delay the processing of pending claims. FEMA Logo

Right now, Florida's focus is to help families return to normal life, and to make sure we're able to continue in that fashion, I've penned a letter to FEMA Administrator Brock Long to learn more about his plans for this transition.

I have asked that his team develop a plan to guarantee that pending claims are processed as planned, with no delays. I've asked the plan be made available to the public to confirm that policyholders can be confident while navigating the claims process. And, if this cannot be accomplished right now, I've asked Administrator Long to consider delaying this process change until after the end of hurricane season.

Officials in Washington are currently discussing their plans and making possible revisions to their implementation timeline. I look forward to engaging in future discussions, and I plan to continue raising my voice to ensure that Florida's recovery process does not get derailed.

To read a copy of the letter I sent to Washington, click here. I will keep you apprised as the issue moves forward.



Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida


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