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Division Director

Greg Thomas

Insurance Agent and Agency Services
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Bureau of Licensing
(850) 413-3137
Bureau of Investigation
(850) 413-3136

How to Submit a Roster

  1. Log in to your "Provider" MyProfile account with your school's "Official ID" and "Date of Birth," then click "Login."
  2. On the next screen leave the already chosen box checked and select "Next."
  3. Go to the "Roster" button at the top of the screen, click on it and a drop down box will appear. Select "Submit Attendance Roster."
  4. To Enter Roster Manually, select "Enter Roster Manually."
    • Enter the "Course Offering ID Number" and select the "Search" button.
    • A blank screen will appear. You can enter up to ten attendees per screen, however, if you have more than ten attendees at the end of each screen select "add attendees" and a new screen will be brought up.
    • Once you have entered all of your attendees select "submit."
  5. To enter a Roster by an Excel spreadsheet, click on "Help" at the top of the page. Click "Help for this page" then select "Excel format."
    • Follow the directions as given, then return to the previous screen.
    • Select "Submit attendance roster" and read the information on uploading attendance roster.