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Fire Decontamination Equipment Grant Program



A. Program Description

Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) Project Number


CSFA Title

Fire Decontamination Equipment Grant Project

Notice of Funding Opportunity Title

FY2022-23 Florida Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program

Program Overview and Priorities

Project Overview

The Florida Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program (FFCDEGP) was established by Florida Statute 633.137 and F.A.C 69A-37.503 to help protect the health and safety of firefighters and provide financial assistance to help fire departments, including volunteer fire departments, procure equipment, supplies, and educational training designed to mitigate exposure to hazardous, cancer-causing chemicals.  

Project Priorities

Grant funding is only available for PPE extractor units (110 volt) and other units not designed to operate using 110 volt however additional costs such as wiring and installation will not be covered, second sets of hoods, gloves, and earflaps, vehicle exhaust capture systems, other equipment used to mitigate exposure to hazardous, cancer-causing chemicals, supplies used to mitigate exposure to cancer, causing chemicals, educational training designed to mitigate exposure to hazardous, cancer-causing chemicals.

For specific information on program priorities and objectives for the FY2022-2023 FFCDEGP, refer to Florida Administrative Code 69A-37.503.


B. Award Information

Award Amount and Important Dates

Total Available Funding for FY 22-23:  $500,000

Period of Performance Start Date: July 1, 2022

Period of Performance End Date: June 30, 2023

C. Eligibility Information

Eligible Applicants and Criteria

Eligible applicants are fire service providers organized and operating in the state of Florida that meets all the following requirements:

1. A fire service provider,

2. Recorded as a fire department in the Division’s online electronic database,

3. Has a Florida fire department identification (FDID) number?

4. Submitted the Florida Fire Service Needs Assessment, Form DFS-K4-2191,

5. Is compliant with the Florida Firefighters Occupational Health and Safety Act or has a plan for 


6. Must submit fire incident data as required in FAC 69A-66.004.

Ineligible organizations are those that meet any of the following:

1. Federal government entities or contracted by federal government,

2. Fire service providers on federal or state military bases,

3. Federal or state tribal nations,

4. Fire brigades or private fire departments that operate independent of a municipality or county, the state of Florida, the Division, or any political subdivision of the state of Florida,  including authorities and special districts.

Cost Share or Match

A minimum of 25 percent nonstate matching funds is required by the eligible applicant for the Florida Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program.  Applicant must submit proof of its nonstate matching funds.

  • D. Application and Submission Information

Key Dates and Times

Opening Date for Submitting Applications:  July 1. 2022, 8 am EDT

Closing Date for Submitting Applications:    July 22, 2022, 8 am EDT

Application Submission

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, applicants for the Florida Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program must complete the following items and submit:

                            Division of State Fire Marshal

                            Bureau of Fire Standards and Training

                            11655 NW Gainesville Road

                            Ocala, FL  34482

                            ATTN: Cancer Decon Grant


• Florida Fire Service Needs Assessment (DFS-K4-2191)


• Request a Fire Department Safety Compliance Inspection from the Bureau of Fire Standards           

    and Training, Safety Section by sending an email to:


E. Application Review Information

The Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST) will rank all complete and submitted application based on how well they match the Priority Sequence for Award.  Answers to the application’s activity specific questions and Florida Fire Service Needs Assessment Survey provide information used to determine each application’s ranking relative to the stated program priorities.

Review and Selection Process

Applications are scored competitively by (no less than three) peer reviewers. These peer reviewers will assess each application’s merits with respect to the detail provided in the Narrative Statement on the activity, including the evaluation elements listed in the Narrative Evaluation Criteria below.  The panel will independently score each project within the application, discuss the merits and/or shortcomings of the application, and document the findings.  A consensus is not required.

Narrative Evaluation Criteria

1. Financial Need

Applicants should describe their financial need and how consistent it is with the intent of the Program. This statement should include details describing the applicant’s financial distress, summarizing budget constraints, unsuccessful attempts to secure other funding, and proving the financial distress is out of their control.


2. Project Description and Budget


This statement should clearly explain the applicant’s project objectives and its relationship to the applicant’s budget and risk analysis. The applicant should describe the various activities applied for with respect to any program priority or facility modifications, making sure they are consistent with project objectives, the applicant’s mission and national, state, and/or local requirements.


Applicants should link the proposed expenses to operations and safety, as well as the completion of the project goals.

Turndown Notifications

All applicants who do not receive an FY2022-23 Grant award will receive a notification letter by email from BFST within 60 days of grant application closing date.

F. Award Administration Information

Award Notification

All applicants who are awarded a FY2022-23 Grant award will receive a notification award letter by email from BFST within 60 days of grant application closing date. The recipient will have 30 days from notification to email BFST whether to accept or decline the award.

Award Agreement Information

If the recipient decides to accept the grant award, they will be required to sign a grant agreement between Department of Financial Services and the recipient. The Contract provides the requirements for services and performance as outlined in the Scope of Work including deliverables, Specific Grant Award, Audit Requirements, and Public Records Requirements