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Bureau of Fire Prevention

Bureau of Fire Prevention

Forms Listing


Regulatory Licensing

DFS-K3-23 Application for Fire Protection System Contractor
DFS-K3-25 Certification of Insurance Fire Protection System
DFS-K3-28 Certification of Insurance Fire Equipment Dealer
DFS-K3-31 Fire Equipment Dealer Permit
DFS-K3-32 Fire Equipment Dealer License
DFS-K3-34 Application for State Explosive License
DFS-K3-35 Application for State Explosive Permit
DFS-K3-362 Request for Sparkler Analysis
DFS-K3-393 Fire Equipment CEU Coursework
DFS-K3-394 Request for Approval of Fire Equipment CEU
DFS-K3-1233 Sparkler Registration (Seasonal)
DFS-K3-1234 Sparkler Registration (Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler)
DFS-K3-1239 Request for Approval of Fire Protection CEU
DFS-K3-1240 Fire Protection System Contractor CEU Coursework
DFS-K3-1482 Fire Equipment Dealer Halon Exemption Affidavit
DFS-K3-1483 Fire Equipment Permit Halon Exemption Affadavit
DFS-K3-1498 Construction Mining Activity Application
DFS-K3-1534 Sparkler Registration (Retailer)
DFS-K3-1598 Construction Mining Bond Report
DFS-K3-1794 Water-Based Fire Protection Inspector Permit
DFS-K3-1966 Annual Construction Mining Inspection Report
DFS-K3-1967 Explosives Inspection Report
DFS-K3-1968 Pre-Permit Construction Mining Inspection Report
DFS-K3-1970 Fire Equipment Inspection Report


Boiler Safety

DFS-K3-404 Certificate of Competency Application
DFS-K3-2170 Certficate of Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation


Plans Review

DFS-K3-1973 Plans Review Application



DFS-K3-1528 Construction Inspection Form



DFS-K3-1437 Fire Exit Drill Records For Adult Family Care Homes
DFS-K3-1456 Florida Firesafety School Evaluation System
DFS-K3-1660 Application for Uniform Elevator Key
DFS-K3-1673 Member Application for Fire Code Interpretation
DFS-K3-1791 Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory in Florida
DFS-AA-4 Application for Refund