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Toma Wilkerson

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Mary Linzee Branham

Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
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Commercial Automobile Premium Refund Information
AequiCap Insurance Company ("AequiCap")

Note: The below questions and answers relate to Florida policyholders and policies issued in Florida. If you are a claimant in another state, please refer to the information posted within these FAQ’s and contact that state’s guaranty association for guidance on their claims handling processes

I have a claim for return of unearned premium. What do I do?

The refund process is defined by Florida Statutes, Chapter 631. The Florida Insurance Guaranty Association ("FIGA") will evaluate unearned premium claims in excess of $100 and will issue the unearned premium refunds. Claims for unearned premium less than $100 may be considered claims against the AequiCap estate.

The Receiver intends to seek court approval to deem all unearned premium claims as timely filed. If approved, this means that unearned premium claimants will have a claim in the AequiCap estate without having to file a proof of claim form. No action is required by unearned premium claimants at this time. Additional information about the deem filing of unearned premium claims will be posted to this website, once available.