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Balance Billing Measure Clears 2nd Senate Panel

News Article

February 16, 2016

Florida Politics

A Senate panel on Tuesday OK’d a measure that would ban the practice of “balance billing,” when insurance companies often unexpectedly slam a customer with a high bill for using an out-of-network health care provider.

The measure (SB 1442), carried by GOP state Sen. Rene Garcia of Hialeah, now moves from the Banking and Insurance Committee to Appropriations. The vote was unanimous:11-0.

Garcia’s aim is to getpatients out from between the provider and the payer, meaning health insurance companies. A strike-all amendment also approved Tuesday expands its effect tohospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, specialty hospitals, and urgent care centers.

The proposal is backed by Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, who wants to “hold consumers harmless in emergency situations” by allowing them to “pay no more than what you would pay if the provider had been in your insurance network,” he has said.

After some opposition, severalmedical and insurance interests nowsupport the bill, including HCA Healthcare, the country’s largest operator of for-profithealth carefacilities, and the Florida Association of Health Plans.

That caught the attention ofSenate President-designate Joe Negron, a Stuart Republican, who bluntly asked Garcia, “What’s in it for them?”

“I don’t care so much what’s in it for them,” Garcia said. “I just want to take the consumer out of dispute resolutions when it comes to payments.”

A House companion (HB 221) is scheduled to be considered Wednesday by theHealth & Human Services Committee, its last committee of reference.