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Office of Internal Affairs & Appointments

Board and Commission Appointment Openings

The Chief Financial Officer has statutory appointing authority for a diverse number of Boards and Commissions throughout the state. It is the CFO's responsibility to appoint qualified individuals to these leadership roles. The Appointments Office coordinates the appointments made by the CFO to the various commissions and boards. As vacancies occur, the openings will be posted on this page. Please read the Florida statute regarding the commission or board of interest to determine if you are qualified for the position. A brief description and the appropriate statute are found through the linked name below.

Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, s. 286.011, F.S., is equally applicable to elected and appointed boards or commissions, including advisory boards and committees with duties and responsibilities that include decision-making authority, absent a statutory exemption. Under Florida’s Public Records Law, Chapter 119, F.S., each state and local governmental entity is required to provide the public a right of access to public records of the entity, subject to exceptions established by law or by the Florida Constitution.

Appointment Openings

Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology

To adopt findings as to the accuracy or reliability of particular methods or models for hurricane loss projections used in residential property insurance rate filings. The findings of the commission are admissible and relevant in consideration of an insurer’s rate filing by the Office of Insurance Regulation or in any arbitration or administrative or judicial review. The commission shall be administratively housed within the State Board of Administration.

MEETINGS: Minimum of 4 per year and up to 6 per year


Florida Statute 627.0628

CFO Appointees

  • 1 Vacancy, serves at the pleasure of the CFO
Commission on the Status of Women (FCSW)

The Florida Commission on the Status of Women is dedicated to empowering women in achieving their fullest potential, to eliminating barriers to that achievement and to recognizing women's accomplishments.

*Administers the Florida Women's Hall of Fame. Submits 10 names to the Governor to select from. Governor typically selects 2 names, and a formal ceremony is held in the Spring.

*Presents the Florida Achievement Award to women throughout the state who have improved the lives of women of Florida and/or serve as positive role models to women and girls in their communities. (8 were selected for 2011)

*Conducts numerous educational conferences throughout Florida

*Organizes Women's History Month celebrations.

MEETINGS: Quarterly

MEETING LOCATION: Tallahassse (1st & 4th Quarter), the other two are held regionally

Florida Statute 14.24

CFO Appointees

  • 1 Vacancy
Fire and Emergency Incident Information System Technical Advisory Panel

The program shall establish and maintain an electronic communication system capable of transmitting fire and emergency incident information to and between fire protection agencies. The Division of State Fire Marshal shall consult with the Division of Forestry of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services of the Department of Health to coordinate data, ensure accuracy of the data, and limit duplication of efforts in data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Florida Statute 633.115

CFO Appointees

  • 3 Vacancies, terms begin July 1, 2018
First Housing Development Corporation of Florida Board of Directors

The Board’s purpose shall include mobilization of capital; financing new or rehabilitated housing, particularly for persons of low to moderate income in the state; finding new methods of providing subsidies for housing; encouraging and assisting, through loans, including loans at below-market interest rates, investments, or other business transactions, in the elimination of substandard housing in this state.

Florida Statute 420.101

CFO Appointees

  • 2 Vacancies
Florida Health Maintenance Organization Consumer Assistance Plan (HMO CAP)

The Florida Health Maintenance Organization Consumer Assistance Plan (FHMOCAP), in accordance with F.S. 631.811, provides coverage to persons who lose their coverage due to the insolvency of an HMO. The Board of Directors supervise the operation of HMOCAP.

Florida Statute 631.816

CFO Appointees

  • 4 Vacancies, terms begin July 1, 2018
Florida Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (FMMJUA)Board of Governors

The Board of Governors supervises the operation of the FMMJUA, which provides medical malpractice insurance to health care providers who are unable to obtain coverage in the voluntary market.

Florida Statute 631.716

CFO Appointees

  • 1 Vacancy, term begins July 1, 2018
Florida Patients' Compensation Fund Board of Governors

The Board of Governors supervises the operation of the FPCF, which provides excess medical malpractice insurance to health care providers. The FPCF has taken no new policies since June 1983.

Florida Statute 766.105(3)(b)(1)

CFO Appointees

  • 1 Vacant, Osteopathic or Podiatry physician, term expires on 6/30/2022
Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Council

It is the intent of the Legislature to recognize and honor those military veterans who, through their works and lives during or after military service, have made a significant contribution to the State of Florida.

There is established the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame.

The Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame is administered by the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs without appropriation of state funds.

The Department of Management Services shall set aside an area on the Plaza Level of the Capitol Building along the northeast front wall and shall consult with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs regarding the design and theme of the area. Each person who is inducted into the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame shall have his or her name placed on a plaque displayed in the designated area of the Capitol Building.

The Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame Council is created within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as an advisory council to nomination persons to be considered for induction into the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame.

Florida Statute 265.003

CFO Appointee

  • Vacant
Treasury Investment Council

There is created a Treasury Investment Committee within the Division of Treasury consisting of at least five members who must possess special knowledge, experience, and familiarity in finance, investments, or accounting. The members of the committee shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Chief Financial Officer. The committee shall annually elect a chair and vice chair from among its membership.

Florida Statute 17.575

CFO Appointees

  • 1 Vacancy

If you would like to have an application on file for future appointment openings, please complete the questionnaire below, print, date and sign. The original should be mailed to the CFO's Appointments Office. You will be contacted if further information is needed. Please email questions to Appointments@MyFloridaCFO.com.

Questionnaire for Appointment Consideration