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Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System (FACTS)

Welcome to the Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System (FACTS), an online tool developed to make the government contracting process in Florida more transparent through the creation of a centralized, statewide contract reporting system. Through FACTS, the ability to track state contracts by government agencies and the public will foster greater accountability and transparency in government spending.

The 2010 Florida Legislature took steps to provide Floridians with greater visibility into how their government is doing business by passing the "Transparency Florida Act". As part of this initiative, the Department has created the FACTS. The system was rolled out to State Agencies for recording their active contracts on March 1, 2012. Upon completion of the project in October 2013, the system will contain images, financial information, and audit findings of all grant and contract documents, with a user-friendly query tool to provide users and the public with access to the information.

FACTS (Public View)

FACTS Login Screen (State Agencies Only)

FACTS User Manual

FACTS Contract Summary Form

FACTS User Account and Password Assignment Procedures

Contract Audit System (CAS) Access Procedures/Forms

Contract Audit System (CAS) Agency User Guide

Project Documentation