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Warrant Control

General Information:

This section is responsible for the disbursement of all State of Florida warrants, such as: payroll, expense, retirement, public assistance, unemployment compensation.  These warrants are sorted by department numbers issued to each state agency.  We also issue other documents, such as: W-2's, Information Statements, W-4's, Change Orders, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Statements electronic tape.  We are responsible for the security, control, and storage of all blank warrants, and issuing blank warrants to the data center for printing.  Only authorized personnel can receive warrants and must present an identification card issued by this section.  They must sign our signature card for warrant release that we keep on file.

We are located in the Fletcher Building, room B-16.


Willie Gavin
Accountant I
Phone:  (850) 413-5783
Email: Willie.Gavin@myfloridacfo.com
Lonnie Paige
Accountant I
(850) 413-5410
Email: Lonnie.Paige@myfloridacfo.com