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01 Direct Deposit Earnings Statements Inactive Outdated - CM 04, 2002-03
02 Payments to Vendors Who Owe Delinquent State Taxes Active  
03 Implementation of Invoice Sampling Active  
04 Equipment Leases Active  
05 Compliance Rating Inactive Superseded by CM 17, 1995-96
06 Motor Vehicle Impact Fee Refunds Inactive Outdated
07 Equipment Leases - Copiers Active  
08 Suppression of Employees Earning Statement Inactive Outdated
09 Change in Retention Schedule for Original Vouchers Inactive Outdated
10 Interest Rate for 1996 Inactive Outdated
11 Electronic Payments for Local Governments Active  
12 Dissemination of Comptroller's Memoranda by Electronic Media Inactive Outdated
13 Retraction of Outdated Comptroller's Memorandums Inactive Outdated
14 Agency Input, Approval & Records Retention of W-4 Cards Inactive Payroll Manual
15 Bottled Water Inactive VP Handbook
16 Assignment of Agency Voucher Numbers (issued 3/11) (Final issued 4/8/96) Active  
17 Voucher Aging Schedule Active  
18 Refund Overpayment of Taxes Active  
19 Airline Tickets-Unused Nonrefundable Tickets and Ticket Cancellation Penalties Inactive VP Handbook
20 Purchase, Lease, and Use of Cellular Phones Inactive VP Handbook
21 Expenditure of State Funds Active  
22 Contract Document Requirements Inactive VP Handbook
23 Additional Comptroller's Memorandum Deletions Inactive Outdated
24 Advance Payment - Contracts for $600 or Less Inactive VP Handbook
25 Cash Award Forms for Meritorious Service Awards Program Inactive Outdated - CM 04, 2002-03
26 Recycling Proceeds Active  
27 Fiscal Year Closeout Inactive Outdated