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01 Furniture Purchases - Chairs Inactive Outdated
02 Release of Payroll Warrants to Employees Inactive Payroll Manual
03 Meritorious Service Awards Program Awards Ceremonies Inactive VP Handbook
04 Release of Payroll Warrants to Employees Inactive Payroll Manual
05 Series 1991 Consolidated Equipment Financing Program Acquisition Period Expiration and Successor Program Inactive Outdated
06 Payments Under the Meritorious Service Awards Program Inactive Superseded by CM 25, 1995-96
07 Payments or Reimbursements for Moving Expenses Inactive Replaced by CM 01, 1998-99
08 Gross Receipts Tax on Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Uniform Rentals, and Linen Service Inactive VP Handbook
09 Interest Rate for 1995 Inactive Outdated
10 Interest Rate Language for Purchase Orders and Contracts Active  
11 Rules Update - Bureau of Auditing Inactive F.A.C.
12 Furniture Purchases Active  
13 Business Cards - Purchases Inactive VP Handbook
14 Payments to Aliens Active  
15 Expenditure of State Funds Inactive F.A.C.
16 Revenue Codes and Expenditure Codes Inactive Outdated
17 Fiscal Year Close-Out Inactive Outdated
18 Implementation of Invoice Sampling Active  
19 Continuation of Vendor Ombudsman Program Active  
20 Statewide Policy for Receipt and Disbursement of Federal Funds Active  
21 New Object Codes for Repairs and Maintenance Inactive FLAIR Title Filed/Comptroller's Web Page
22 Cash and Budget Release Balances Active  
23 Motor Vehicle Impact Fee Refunds Inactive Outdated - CM 04, 2002-03