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01 Building Lease Payments Inactive Outdated
02 Advance Payment for Goods and Services Inactive VP Handbook
03 Delivery of State Warrants Inactive Outdated
04 Contract/Purchase Order Payments Inactive Superseded by CM 11, 2002-03
05 On-Line Salary Refund Function Inactive Payroll Manual
06 Inter-Agency Mail Inactive Agency Addressed 13, 2000-01
07 Furniture Purchases Inactive Outdated
08 Advance Payment Waivers Inactive VP Handbook
09 Contract Document Requirements Inactive Superseded by CM 22, 1995-96
10 Fiscal Year Close-Out Inactive Outdated
11 Travel Expenses - Increase in Mileage Allowance Inactive F.S.
12 Warrant Cancellations and Salary Refunds Inactive Payroll Manual
13 Revenue Codes for Sale of Goods and Sale of Services Inactive Outdated
14 Settlement of Claims Against the State Active