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CM #


01 General Documentation Requirements for Purchase Quotations, Bids, and Proposals Inactive Rescinded by CM 14, 1992-93
02 Revision of Comptroller's Memorandum No. 1 (1992-93) Inactive Rescinded by CM 14, 1992-93
03 Get Lean Hotline Inactive Outdated
04 Airlines Antitrust Litigation Settlement Claims Inactive Outdated
05 Scheduled Aircraft Transportation Inactive  
06 Interagency Mail Inactive Outdated
07 Payment from Photocopies of Invoices Inactive F.A.C.
08 Americans With Disabilities Act - Documentation of Purchases Made Pursuant to the Act Active  
09 Airline Tickets - Unused Nonrefundable Tickets and Ticket Cancellation Penalties Inactive Superseded by CM 19, 1995-96
10 Financing Information Technology Resource Acquisitions Active  
11 New Expenditure Object Codes - Effective Immediately Inactive FLAIR Title File/Comptroller's Web Page
12 Remittance Information Provided to Vendors Inactive Outdated
13 Fiscal Year Close-Out Inactive Outdated
14 Contract Payments Active