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01 New and Modified Revenue Categories Active  
02 Contract Terms Required by Sections 215.422 (5), 216.347 and 216.349, Florida Statutes Inactive F.S.
03 Community Leadership Courses Inactive VP Handbook
04 Purchases of Bottled Water Inactive Superseded by CM 15, 1995-96
05 Advance Payment - Contracts for $600 or Less Inactive VP Handbook
06 Consolidated Equipment Financing Program, Series 1991 Inactive Outdated
07 Reimbursement for Foreign Travel Expenses Inactive Replaced by CM 05, 2002-03
08 Revised Form - Refund for Overpayment of Salary Inactive Payroll Manual
09 Purchase, Lease, and Use of Cellular Telephones Inactive Superseded by CM 20, 1995-96
10 Contractual Services - Cost Reimbursement Contracts Inactive VP Handbook
11 Contractual Services - Contracts Signed After Services are Rendered Inactive Replaced by CM 01, 2002-03
12 Certification of Compliance with Section 215.422 (9), F S Inactive F.S.
13 Salary Increases Inactive Outdated
14 Revised Income Tax Withholding Tables Inactive Payroll Manual
15 Supplemental Appropriations Bill - Payroll Changes Inactive Outdated
16 Use of Cellular Telephones Inactive VP Handbook
17 Implementation of Supplemental Insurance - Pretax Benefits Program Inactive Payroll Manual
18 Productivity Enhancement Payment Processing Inactive F.S./F.A.C. Payroll Manual
19 Fiscal Year Close-Out Inactive Outdated
20 Employment Changes Due to Reorganization Inactive Payroll Manual
21 Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act Settlement Disbursements Active  
22 Reorganization of the Division of Accounting & Auditing Inactive Outdated
23 Absence of Budget for Fiscal Year 1992-93 Inactive Outdated
24 Documentation for Purchases from Local Purchasing Source Active