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01 Operating Capital Outlay Inactive F.S.
02 Biweekly Payroll for 1987 Inactive Outdated
03 Contractual Services Inactive Outdated
04 Settlement of Claims Against the State Active  
05 Deadline for Processing Certifications Forward Inactive Outdated
06 Restoration of Federal Income Tax Withheld on Prior Year Wage Payment Adjustments Inactive Payroll Manual
07 Implementation of Subsystem for Child Support or Alimony Income Deduction Orders Inactive Payroll Manual
08 Certification of Compliance with Section 215.422 (8), F S Inactive FS.
09 Documentation Requirements for Information Technology Resource Acquisitions Inactive Outdated
10 Travel Expenses and Airport Rental Car Contract Inactive F.S./Some Information Outdated
11 Excise Tax on Gasoline Inactive Outdated
12 Revised Transfer General Ledger Codes Inactive Outdated
13 Employee Name Changes and Direct Deposit Active  
14 Update to Comptroller's Memorandum No. 11 (1987-88) Excise Tax on Gasoline Inactive Outdated
15 Revised Transfer Budgetary General Ledger Codes Inactive Outdated
16 Contractual Services Inactive Outdated
17 Relocation of the Reconciliation Subsection Inactive Outdated
18 Update to Comptroller's Memoranda No. 11 and No. 14 (1987-88) Excise Tax on Gasoline Inactive Outdated
19 Payroll Related Expenditure Refunds Inactive Payroll Manual
20 Fiscal Year Close-Out Inactive Outdated