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01 Calculation Procedures Used for Social Security and Federal Hospital Insurance Taxes Inactive Payroll Manual
02 Changes in Purchasing Law and Lease Approval Policy Inactive F.S.
03 "Super Saver" Airline Tickets Inactive Superseded by CM 19, 1995-96
04 Expenditure of State Funds Inactive Superseded by CM 21, 1995-96
05 Consolidated Equipment Financing Program (CEFP) Inactive Outdated
06 Tickets Purchased from Airlines Which Cease Operations Inactive Outdated
07 New Object Codes for Training Expenditures Inactive FAIR Title File/Comptroller's
Web Page
08 Consolidated Equipment Financing Program (CEFP) Inactive Outdated
09 Deadline for Processing Certification Forward Inactive Outdated
10 Certification of Compliance with Section 215.422 (8), F S Inactive F.S.
11 SAMAS Contracts and Grants Subsystem for Federal Financial Assistance Reporting Inactive Outdated
12 Validation of Accounts for Payroll Purposes Inactive Payroll Manual
13 Fiscal Year Close-Out Inactive Outdated
14 Income Deduction Orders for Child Support or Alimony Inactive Payroll Manual