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October 17, 1995



Effective November 1, 1995, the prior approval of the Comptroller's Office will be required only for those copier leases that exceed the purchasing Category Two threshold (currently $11,000), established in Section 287.017, Florida Statutes. All other terms and conditions of Comptroller's Memorandum No. 4 (1995-96), regarding leasing of equipment remain in effect and shall be applicable to leases of copiers.

We remind agencies that regardless of the annual cost of the lease or the acquisition method, it shall be the responsibility of the procuring agency to evaluate and maintain documentation to support that a lease is economically prudent and cost effective. We intend to periodically review the agencies internal operating procedures and supporting documentation for compliance and reserves the right to adjust the exemption threshold, on an agency by agency basis, depending on the findings.

Please direct all inquiries about equipment leases to the Bureau of Accounting at 410-9951, Suncom 210-9951.

In the future, we plan to disseminate Comptroller Memorandums by facsimile. Please provide your facsimile number to Karen Shapiro at facsimile number 414-6034, Suncom 994-6034.