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May 27, 1994



Agency personnel are reminded of the requirements of Rule 3A-31.307, Florida Administrative Code, regarding the cancellation of salary, retirement and expense warrants. This rule requires the face of any warrant submitted for cancellation to be boldly marked "CANCEL". The rule requires that this be done before the warrant leaves the first work station where the decision to request the cancellation is made. The Bureau of State Payrolls continues to receive warrants for cancellation that are not marked "CANCEL".

It is recommended that agencies place "CANCEL" in block letters no less than one-half inch high over the Comptroller's signature block on any warrant to be canceled. This can be accomplished by manually writing across the warrant or by use of a rubber stamp.

Additionally, agencies should establish controls to ensure that warrants submitted to the Bureau of State Payrolls for cancellation are canceled. Reports are provided to the submitting agency detailing warrants canceled. Agencies not receiving a warrant cancellation report or the returned, uncanceled warrant, within 30 days of submitting a warrant for cancellation, should contact the Bureau of State Payrolls to determine if the cancellation request was received and the status of its processing.

Comptroller's Memorandum No. 31 (1990-91) addressed the relocation of the State Comptroller's Cashier's Office to Room 144, Collins Building, 107 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0350. Refunds of overpayment of salaries are to be delivered directly to the Cashier's Office.

Questions regarding this memorandum are to be directed to Bill Schmitt at 488-6416, Suncom 278-6416.