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November 4, 1993



An on-line salary refund function enhancement to the payroll component of SAMAS is scheduled to be implemented on November 15, 1993. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a general overview of the function. Instructions and detail information on its use will be distributed as updates to the Payroll Preparation Manual within the next two weeks. It will be presented in Volume V, Section 2, beginning on page 13.

Using the on-line salary refund function, agency personnel will build and approve a pending record for subsequent Bureau of State Payrolls audit and approval. It will appear as selection SR on the payroll main menu and will provide agency personnel access to the on-line salary refund function. By entering the social security number, warrant date and warrant number, the on-line salary refund function allows the selection of an original payroll detail record; corrections to be made to the rate and/or hours fields; adjustments to certain deductions; and, use of the system to perform the calculations to determine the amount of the overpayment to be recovered from the employee.

The system will automate the changes to federal payroll taxes for refunds of payment made in the current calendar year, life insurance originally calculated by the payroll system and retirement contributions (including ORP). The amounts originally deducted for the Pretax Benefits Program, court ordered support, federal tax levies and U.S. savings bonds may not be changed. If the correct payment amount is not enough to cover those deductions, the employee remittance must make up the difference. All other deductions or reductions may either be deleted or left as the original amount taken.

Recovery of all deleted deductions or reductions will be made either from the employee or the recipient of the proceeds. Deductions or reductions processed through transfer accounts, e.g., 0437 GENERAL REVENUE PAID PARKING, will be recovered systematically. All other deleted deductions or reductions must be recovered by the agency from the recipients. The deletion of miscellaneous deductions or reductions on partial refunds should occur only to correct documented errors caused by the agency.

A minimum of twenty weeks of regular salary and other personal services (OPS) payments will be available for on-line inquiry and access through the salary refund function. Payments made during the current calendar year and the preceding calendar year which were issued earlier than the period which is available on-line, may be obtained by using the weekly retrieval process available through the on-line salary refund function. For example, when the system is made available on November 15, the detail of payments made June 1993 through November 14 will be available on-line. Payroll transactions with a warrant date during the period January 2, 1992, through May 31, 1993, will be available using the weekly retrieval process. The payroll calendar furnished to holders of the Payroll Preparation Manual reflects a purge schedule of the Salary Detail File. The purge schedule will be modified to include two additional months of detail. For example, on November 12, 1993, the May detail will be purged. Refund calculations performed on payments dated in the prior calendar year will not contain an income tax calculation. Any income tax withheld on the amount of the overpayment will be included in the calculated refund amount to be recovered from the employee. Refunds applicable to warrant dates earlier than prior calendar year must be manually calculated because the system does not have access to the detail records.

The on-line salary refund function will be added to the agency designated Access Control Custodian's menu on November 5, 1993. The security function is designed to allow a separation of duties for the SALARY REFUND (add/input) and SAL REFUND APP (agency approval). A user may be set up for either or both functions by assigning one of three levels as follows: P=Prohibit, I=Inquiry and U=Update.

Automated transactions, which are currently posted to the Central Accounting System after manual salary refunds are processed, will be generated from the on-line salary refund process for approved and processed transactions. The posted transactions will be included with the manual refund transactions and printed on the Detail Register, PR 2390. The accounting detail for the on-line transactions will be the same as the manual salary refunds.

Form DBF-BP-29, Refund For Overpayment of Salary, will not be used for refunds processed through the on-line salary refund function. A new form, Form DBF-BP-07, Transmittal of Salary Refund, will be prepared by agency personnel to submit the employee remittance. Since the on-line system uses rate, hours worked and contracted hours to calculate an employee's correct payment, over-payments which are the result of incorrect information other than an incorrect number of hours or incorrect rates of pay will require a manual calculation of the overpayment and the preparation of the Form DBF-BP-29. Only regular salary/OPS payments that were calculated using period or hourly rate, hours worked and contracted hours, may be submitted through the on-line system. Regular salary payments are assigned an earnings code of 9170; regular OPS payments are assigned an earnings code of 9171. Other earnings codes are to be calculated manually and submitted on a DBF-BP-29. The on-line system will display a message if the warrant requested is a payment other than a regular payment.

Enclosed is a sample of the new Form DBF-BP-07. A supply will be sent to each agency fiscal office. Additional supplies may be obtained from Kelly Hand at 488-7762, Suncom 278-7762, in the Bureau of State Payrolls.

If you have questions concerning this memorandum, please direct them to Patti Calhoun at (904) 488-7762, Suncom 278-7762.