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August 23, 2004



In accordance with the Governor's Executive Order 04-182, this memorandum authorizes State agencies the option of paying employees a portion of their earned salary on a more frequent basis. This option is intended to provide temporary relief to state employees impacted by the Hurricane Charley disaster or involved with the recovery efforts. It will be up to each agency head to decide whether his or her agency will participate in this option. The procedures to pay biweekly employees on a weekly basis and to pay monthly employees on a semi-monthly basis are as follows:

1. Identify the affected employees and create a list with Name, SSN, Pay period and net amount being paid.

2. Use their most recent paycheck to determine an amount to pay an employee on the weekly or semi-monthly payroll period (i.e., about ½ of net, rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount). This will be the Friday after payday for Biweekly employees and around the 15th of the month for Monthly employees. Enter this amount on the list referred to above. Once determined, this amount should remain the same unless there is a change in the number of hours the employee is to be paid, or something else occurs that would affect their normal net pay.

3. Affected employees must be added to your departmental vendor file if they are not already in the file. To ensure that those with EFT do not receive a warrant, the name and SSN in the vendor file must be exactly the same as the W-4 file.

4. Input vouchers in Departmental FLAIR through the expense system, payable to the affected employees. Use object code 1100 and their normal salary account code. The deadline for inputting the voucher is three days prior to the desired payday (e.g., Tuesday for a Friday payday).

5. Write “Disaster Relief” on the face of the voucher(s) and hand deliver to the Bureau of Auditing for posting. Attach a copy of the list for backup purposes. This must be done no later than 10 a.m. two days prior to the desired payday (e.g., Wednesday at 10:00a.m. for a payday of Friday).

6. Send a copy of the employee list to Cindy Langley, Bureau of State Payrolls, clangley@dfs.state.fl.us for reconciliation purposes.

7. Go into the employee's payroll record (COPES, People First etc.) and input deduction code 0494 for the amount of the voucher payment. This deduction should remain on the employee's record until it is determined that the employee will no longer receive relief payments. Note: The warrant created for this deduction code must be deposited back into the appropriate salary account in a timely manner.

8. These deductions will be on the “DETAIL LIST AND TOTALS OF CONSOLIDATED REPORTING TRANSACTIONS” report, RDS Form ID Q**4.

This temporary pay relief for employees impacted by the Hurricane Charley disaster will remain in effect until further notice. If you should have additional questions, the contact for Bureau of State Payrolls is Cindy Langley at (850) 410-9423, SC 210-9423, clangley@dfs.state.fl.us.