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December1, 2003



Disbursements requested through MFMP will be audited by the Bureau of Auditing within MFMP. This memorandum sets forth the procedures and documentation requirements for disbursements requests made through MFMP:

  • Approved disbursements will create the accounting transaction in Departmental FLAIR. Transactions passing Departmental edits will be assigned a unique voucher type (IE or PE) which will be set up in Central FLAIR as a load and post transaction. These cannot be un-posted by the Bureau of Auditing.
  • Vendors/accounts will continue to be edited against Central FLAIR's flag file. Flagged vendors/ accounts will not be processed as load and post. The Bureau will review these transactions daily and manually post in Central FLAIR those that can be approved. Transactions that cannot be approved will be deleted and returned to the agency.
  • State agencies will be responsible for entering contract information from the written contract into MFMP for contractual service purchases. Agencies will also be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the contract balance for contracts entered into MFMP when there have been adjustments to the contract balance for warrant cancellations, etc. These adjustments will require an explanation with specific details in the MFMP comment field.
  • State agencies electing to process disbursements on a contract previously tracked in FLAIR's Central Contract Subsystem will need to set up the contract and payment history in MFMP.
  • Electronic invoices for contractual services submitted through the Ariba Supplier Network must provide the dates of service in the comment field.
  • Supporting documents previously submitted to the Bureau in paper format must be scanned in and attached to the MFMP invoice. These documents would include, but not be limited to, the paper invoice received by the agency and input into MFMP (invoice e-form); advance payment approvals; Attorney General approval; and perquisite approval.
  • MFMP payments on contractual service agreements, less than or equal to $250,000, will require a scanned copy of the Summary Form (Chief Financial Officer Memorandum No. 02, 2003-04) for each transaction.
  • MFMP payments on contractual service agreements in excess of $250,000 will require a scanned copy of the Summary Form and a scanned copy of the contract documents for each transaction. In lieu of scanning the contract documents, a paper copy may be submitted to the Bureau in advance of the MFMP transactions. Agencies must reference the contract number on the paper copy. Additionally, the MFMP transaction should reference the agency contract number and a notation should be made in the MFMP comment field that the contract is on file in the Bureau.
  • Agencies will be permitted to continue using the purchasing card for contractual service direct billings that do not exceed $75,000 in a state fiscal year. Pursuant to Section 287.058, Florida Statutes, purchases of contractual services exceeding Category Two amounts must be preceded by a contract document.
  • Agencies who process encumbered transactions through MFMP and the corresponding disbursement through FLAIR must reconcile the transactions by entering the FLAIR payment information into MFMP for the applicable transactions.

    If you have questions regarding this information, you may contact Cheri Greene at 850-410-9363, Suncom 210-9363, email cgreene@dfs.state.fl.us; or Sharon Schrader at 850-410-9323, Suncom 210-9323, email sschrade@dfs.state.fl.us.