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July 03, 2002



The Division of Accounting and Auditing has conducted a review of existing Comptroller's Memoranda and identified a number of memoranda that are no longer necessary and can be eliminated. Following is a list of 50 memoranda that will be retracted. These memoranda have been determined obsolete because of changes to statutes, rules, policies or procedures or because they are outdated due to their very nature. Please remove these memoranda from your active files.

If you have questions, please contact the Division of Accounting and Auditing Director's Office at 410-9066, SUNCOM 210-9066.

Memo # FY Subject Elimination Reason
CM #6 74-75 New Procedure for Outdated or 12-Months-Old Warrants Outdated
CM #2 75-76 Requests for New Accounts Outdated
CM #6 79-80 Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles When Publicly-Owned Vehicles Are Available Voucher Processing Manual
CM #10 79-80 Contract Vouchers Outdated
CM #31 79-80 Official Court Reporters – Dual Compensation Outdated
CM #2 80-81 Certified Forward Appropriations Outdated
CM #7 80-81 Documentation Requirements on Journal Transfer Vouchers Voucher Processing Manual
CM #14 80-81 Revolving Fund Reimbursement for Uninsured Losses and Theft CM #02 (02-03)
CM #42 81-82 General Revenue Refund Receipts, Prior Year Warrant Cancellations and 12-Months-Old Cancellations Outdated
CM #17 82-83 Travel Costs/Intra-Agency Seminars and Retreats Outdated
CM #18 82-83 Delivery of State Warrants Outdated
CM #1 86-87 Calculation Procedures Used for Social Security and Federal Hospital Insurance Taxes Payroll Manual
CM #14 89-90 Monthly Mileage Allowances Payroll Manual
CM #15 89-90 Payment of Certain Class C Meal Allowances and Monthly Mileage Allowances Payroll Manual
CM #7 91-92 Reimbursement of Foreign Travel Expenses Outdated/replacement memo in draft now
CM #11 91-92 Contractual Services – Contracts Signed After Services Are Rendered CM #01 (02-03)
CM #17 91-92 Implementation of Supplemental Insurance – Pretax Benefits Program Payroll Manual
CM #20 91-92 Employment Changes Due to Reorganization Payroll Manual
CM #3 92-93 Get Lean Hotline Outdated
CM #12 92-93 Remittance Information Provided to Vendors Outdated
CM #1 93-94 Building Lease Payments Outdated
CM #3 93-94 Delivery of State Warrants Outdated
CM #5 93-94 On-Line Salary Refund Function Payroll Manual
CM #6 93-94 Inter-Agency Mail Agency Addressed #13 (00-01)
CM #12 93-94 Warrant Cancellations and Salary Refunds Payroll Manual
CM #13 93-94 Revenue Codes for Sale of Goods and Sale of Services Outdated
CM #2 94-95 Release of Payroll Warrants to Employees Payroll Manual
CM #4 94-95 Release of Payroll Warrants to Employees Payroll Manual
CM #7 94-95 Payments or Reimbursements for Moving Expenses CM #1 (98-99)
CM #9 94-95 Interest Rate for 1995 Outdated
CM #16 94-95 Revenue Codes and Expenditure Codes Outdated
CM #23 94-95 Motor Vehicle Impact Fee Refunds Outdated
CM #1 95-96 Direct Deposit Earnings Statements Outdated
CM #6 95-96 Motor Vehicle Impact Fee Refunds Outdated
CM #8 95-96 Suppression of Employees Earnings Statements Outdated
CM #9 95-96 Change in Retention Schedule for Original Vouchers Outdated
CM #10 95-96 Interest Rate for 1996 Outdated
CM #12 95-96 Dissemination of Comptroller's Memoranda by Electronic Media Outdated
CM #13 95-96 Retraction of Outdated Comptroller's Memorandums Outdated
CM #14 95-96 Agency Input, Approval & Records Retention of W-4 Cards Payroll Manual
CM #23 95-96 Additional Comptroller's Memorandum Deletions Outdated
CM #25 95-96 Cash Award Forms for Meritorious Service Awards Program Outdated
CM #1 96-97 Mandatory Direct Deposit – New Employees Outdated
CM #3 96-97 Interest Rate for 1997 Outdated
CM #5 96-97 Nonresident Alien Expenditure Object Codes Payroll Manual
CM #8 96-97 Revised Class C Processing Schedule Outdated
CM #9 96-97 Federal Employer Identification Number CM #03 (02-03)
CM #10 96-97 Payments for Purchases of Information Technology Resources Outdated
CM #3 97-98 Interest Rate for 1998 Outdated
CM #5 97-98 Deletion of Additional Comptroller's Memoranda Outdated