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Bureau of State Payrolls

2005 Agency Addressed Memoranda

02/11/05 05-01 Authorized Signature Forms - Payroll Signature
02/16/05 05-02 On Demand Payroll System Modifications and Guidelines
06/03/05 05-03 Fiscal Year-End Payroll Processing Schedule Changes
07/18/05 05-04 Payroll Guidance for Disaster Related Class C Travel Reimbursements
08/05/05 05-05 Aspire-Convergys Labor Redistribution Interface Pay Period Information
11/25/05 05-06 2005 Calendar Year-End Information
12/15/05 05-07 Implementation of Health Investor Health Plan and Health Savings Account Benefits (Payroll Processing Information)
12/29/05 05-08 New Withholding Rules For Nonresident Alien Employees


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