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DATE: March 16, 2000
TO: Agency Addressed (No. 9, 1999-00)
FROM: Douglas A. Darling, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller
SUBJECT: SUSPICIOUS VENDOR - IBD - International Business Directories

Our office has been notified by a state agency that they were invoiced for a purchase they did not authorize. Last year, a vendor had shipped a directory which was not ordered to the agency, then invoiced the agency for payment.

Last month, the company notified the agency that they were sending yet another directory. When the agency tried to call the vendor to cancel the shipment, they were told that the computer was down and they would have to call back the following day. However, the book was shipped and there was nothing they could do to stop the delivery. The vendor is IBD - International Business Directories, P.O. Box 509, West Haven, CT 06516. In a previous Agency Addressed Memo dated September 14, 1998, we advised you of similar tactics used by IBN – International Business Network, Inc., and Pacific Office Systems, Inc., both located in California.

Agencies should refuse payment for items not ordered. The company should be notified to prepay the cost of returning the item or it will not be returned.

Please notify your staff to be on the alert for vendors shipping goods that have not been authorized followed by an invoice for payment. Any similar incidents should be reported to Bob Spooner, Chief of Auditing, Room 448, the Fletcher Bldg, 410-9363 or Suncom 210-9363; E-mail Robert_D_Spooner@mail.dbf.state.fl.us.

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