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DATE: June 24, 1999
TO: Agency Addressed (No. 21, 1998-99)
FROM: Douglas A. Darling, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller

Agencies presently have the capability of deleting current year prompt payment invoices that are generated as a result of data entry errors. Effective immediately, agencies may now delete prior year invoices. Agencies are required to retain documentation for such deletions.

Agencies still need to submit prompt payment invoices that require a correction to the "PAYMENT APPROVAL DATE" field. The following information should be submitted for each correction:

1. Voucher schedule

2. Invoice containing the dates the goods/services were received and approved

3. A copy of the prompt payment invoice to be corrected

The supporting documentation should be submitted to the Bureau of Accounting, Room 414, Fletcher Building, 101 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0350. We encourage the use of inter-agency mail or our fax number, 410-9993, Suncom 210-9993, as a cost saving measure.

The telephone numbers for the Vendor Ombudsmen Program are (850)410-9724 and 1-800-848-3792, and should be listed on all contracts and purchase orders. When preparing new contracts and purchase orders, we recommend that each agency state that the vendor will be paid interest in accordance with 215.422, F.S., rather than quoting a particular interest rate. This prevents the contract from becoming obsolete if the interest rate changes.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the Vendor Ombudsman Program, please call Reuben Helms at (850)410-9951, Suncom 210-9951.

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