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DATE: September 14, 1998
TO: Agency Addressed (No. 7, 1998-99)
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller

An agency has reported a recent incident in which a vendor shipped goods and submitted an invoice to the agency, although the goods were not ordered by the agency. According to agency personnel, the vendor initially called the agency and attempted to sell copier toner to the agency. After the agency declined, the vendor indicated that a sample would be sent anyway. Later, the agency received one bottle of toner and an invoice from the vendor in the amount of $697.87, including $99.87 for freight and handling.

The vendor is IBN – International Business Network, Inc., P.O. Box 260633, Encino, CA 91426-0633. The agency indicated that a similar incident occurred with another vendor last year, Pacific Office Systems, Inc., 22222 Sherman Way #283, Canoga Park, CA 91383. Other agencies have reported similar incidents in the past.

We encourage agencies to notify staff to be alert to these types of incidents, and report them to us as soon as they occur. Please report such incidents to Mike Gomez, Chief of Auditing, Room 448, Fletcher Building; 488-7193, Suncom 278-7193; E-mail: Michael_J_Gomez@mail.dbf.state.fl.us.

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