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DATE: June 25, 1998
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: Allen Reams, Chief
Bureau of State Payrolls
Office of Comptroller

The Bureau of State Payrolls (BOSP) communicated in our memorandum, DBFBP 98-10 dated June 8, 1998, that Agencies with their own rule writing authority could operate under the Department of Management Services (DMS) rules regarding implementing the provisions of Chapter 98-18, Laws of Florida. It has been brought to our attention that it may be inappropriate for BOSP to advise agencies to operate in a manner that may be inconsistent with the intent of the rule-making authority for those agencies. Therefore, each agency with authority to establish their own personnel/payroll rules will be expected to comply with their own rules unless there is a conflict with Chapter 98-18, Laws of Florida, in which case, the law will prevail.

In our memorandum, DBFBP 98-10, we indicated that agencies should make sure that eligibility determination can been made prior to the payment of leave. We also indicated that each agency should obtain verification of the Division of Retirement's determination of each employee's eligibility for DROP prior to the payment of leave. We have been advised by the Division of Retirement that they do not provide agencies with verification of eligibility; however, they will notify agencies if they determine that a person is not eligible. Therefore, receipt of DROP eligibility determination from the Division of Retirement is not a prerequisite to payment for the leave.

To facilitate submission of payment requests for Annual Leave and Special Compensatory in Lieu of Overtime please note that our WEB page address is:


This address takes you directly to the index for our Payroll Manual and the files to download are at the bottom of the index. Keep in mind that this PC application is only for payments that you would normally submit directly to the Bureau of State Payrolls by paper on Form DBF-BP-33.

We hope that this clarifies some of the concerns you may have regarding the DROP program and hope that it does not cause too much difficulty. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Zadok Coxwell at (850)414-1872 or SUNCOM 994-1872.