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DATE: May 15, 1998
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller

In January, we made available through the Report Distribution System a series of reports which identify over expended release and/or cash balances at the category level. In addition, the reports indicated any negative receipt balances. The reports may be identified as follows:

Report Name Form ID Description
CNPPCSHA XX3E Cash Accounts
CNPPBUDA XX3F Budgetary Accounts
CNPPRECA XX3G Receipt Accounts

It is important to review the reports and take corrective action. We recommended you analyze the entries which caused the atypical balance and take appropriate action to prevent a recurrence. As of May 7, 1998, we had identified the transaction that initiated the negative balance. If it will save you time, please call Beverly Hornbeak at area code 850 414-1857 or Suncom 994-1857 to obtain the document number.

Please assist us by providing the name, telephone number and Internet mailing address of the people we should contact for the following functions, atypical balances for cash, receipts and release/budget, service charge to General Revenue, and Form 1099 vendor information. You may send the information by facsimile to (850) 921-0607, Suncom 291-0607, or E-mail through the Internet to patti_p_calhoun@mail.dbf.state.fl.us or interoffice mail to Room 308, Fletcher Building.

If there are any questions regarding this request, please call Patti Calhoun area code 850 414-1852 or Suncom 994-1852.