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DATE: January 23, 1998
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller

FLAIR/SAMAS Online Transactions
Effective March 18, 1998, the following transaction screens will be modified to be Year 2000 compliant:

Transaction 1SX (Accounts Receivable and Encumbrance) - Request for Certifications
Transaction 32 - Revolving Fund Reimbursement
Transaction 52 - Revolving Fund Unencumbered Disbursement
Transaction 53 - Payables Disbursement
Transaction 54 - Revolving Fund Payables Disbursements
Transaction 59 - Revolving Fund Disbursement Correction
Transaction 6S - Encumbrances Subsidiary Ledgers
Transaction 60 - Encumbrances
Transaction 60 - (SPURS) - Encumbrances
Transaction 61 - Encumbrance Changes
Transaction 7S - Revolving Fund Subsidiary Ledgers
Transaction 70 - Encumbered Disbursements
Transaction 71 - Revolving Fund Encumbered Disbursements
Transaction 8S - Accounts Payables
Transaction 80 - Unencumbered Payables
Transaction 81 - Encumbered Payables

We are working to have screen formats for these transactions available on our Web page at http://www.dbf.state.fl.us. If you need a hard-copy of the format, call the SAMAS Help Desk at 487-2627.

Auxiliary File Batch Add/Update Input Files
Effective May 18, 1998, batch adds/updates to the auxiliary files are required to be in a new format. Layouts of those input files are available on the Web page as well. The formats will change for Contract Information Add/Update, Grant Information Add/Update, Project Information Add/Update, and Expansion Add/Update.

Other FLAIR/SAMAS Departmental Accounting Files
Batch Transaction, PC Upload, Property Master Record Status Update, Property Inventory Update, and Property Initial Load files must be in the new format effective October 19, 1998. All files sent to agencies from SAMAS/FLAIR Departmental Accounting will change to the new format October 19 except the Transaction History File. In order to have a complete year of data in one format, we will change it on July 1, 1998, for fiscal year 1998-99. Even though June, 13th Month, and year-end files are created after July 1, they will be in the old format.

FLAIR/SAMAS Central Accounting Files
The Central Accounting Master Balance File and Transaction History File sent to agencies will change July 1, 1998.

If you have questions concerning our Year 2000 modifications, please call the Help Desk.