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DATE: January 22, 1998
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller

We are pleased to announce that effective February 2, 1998, agencies will be able to access the Comptroller's paid warrant information for the most current 12 month period via a new "Paid Warrant Inquiry" screen. This function will appear as PW - PAID WARRANT on the Central Accounting Mini Menu which users access by the SC function. Upon entering PW_I on the Central Accounting Mini Menu, a screen will be returned asking you to enter warrant type and warrant number. The same screen will provide valid warrant types listed at the bottom. The last screen will return the following information listed from left to right: WARRANT TYPE, WARRANT NUMBER, ISSUE YEAR, PAID DATE, BATCH NUMBER, SEQUENCE, and BANK NUMBER. This screen does not however, contain any information on EFT transactions. Agency personnel that desire access to this new function should contact their Security Administrator. If problems occur in using this new function, you should contact the SAMAS Help Desk at 487-2627 or SunCom 277-2627.

Agencies will no longer have to call staff in our Reconciliation Section to obtain paid warrant information for the most current 12 month period. This enhancement should allow us to provide a quicker turn around for copies of paid state warrants. The information returned on the last screen contains the data we need to access the particular roll of film from which we can make a copy of the listed warrant. Effective February 2, 1998, if you desire a copy of the paid state warrant that appears on the return screen, simply do a screen print and fax it to our Reconciliation Section (FAX number 921-0607, SC 291-0607). Make sure you include a return address. On requests for copies of a large number of state warrants paid within the most recent 12 month period, agencies will be required to submit a roster or spreadsheet listing all the data returned on the last PW_I screen for each warrant. Requests for copies of paid warrants that are more than a year old should be submitted separately. If you have any questions on this new procedure, please call Mike Manderfield at 414-1804, SunCom 994-1804.