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DATE: November 12, 1997
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting and Auditing
Office of Comptroller
SUBJECT: Salary Overpayment Refunds and Warrant Cancellations

Due to year end concerns and concerns raised about the direction we were heading regarding Salary Overpayments, we are NOT planning any changes to either of the subject processes until at least February 1998. This means that the Office of Comptroller, Cashier's Office, will continue to accept receipts for salary refunds until further notice is given, probably around February 1998.

The entire Cancellation and Adjustment component of our payroll system is being re-programmed due to year 2000 concerns. The new processes are planned to allow Agencies access to screens that will allow all Salary Refunds and Warrant Cancellations to be entered at the Agency. Although all processes are not described in detail at this time, it is known that it will be necessary to deposit salary refunds into an appropriate account at the agency level. However, it will not be necessary to transfer the funds to the Comptroller's Office as was described in a Draft memorandum recently disseminated.

Warrant Cancellations will also be handled at the Agency level. Concerns over internal controls over the warrants have not been worked out in detail but we are looking at having the Agency input as well as destroy canceled warrants.

Some other processes will be included in this re-programming effort. However, it is not known at this time how many of our requested enhancements will become a reality due to the tight time constraints on the year 2000 project. The Cancellation and Adjustment component of Payroll includes many things such as manual payrolls, noncash benefits, moving expense, tax refunds and tax collections. We will advise you when we have more details about what enhancements will become a reality.

We apologize if the draft memorandum regarding Salary Overpayment Refund Processing caused any confusion or additional work on your behalf. However, any work done to set up procedures for depositing these funds will not be wasted, just postponed until around February 1998. If you have any questions please contact Steve Isted at (850)414-7822 or SUNCOM 994-7822 in the Bureau of State Payrolls.