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DATE: October 2, 1997
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting and Auditing
Office of Comptroller
SUBJECT: Year 2000 Changes

Effective December 15, 1997, the following transaction screens will be modified to be Year 2000 compliant:

Transaction 1SX (Accounts Payable only) - Request for Certifications
Transaction 3S - Cash Receipts and Clearing Fund File
Transaction 30 - Direct Deposit Receipts
Transaction 31 - Clearing Fund Receipts
Transaction 33 - Direct Deposit Receivable Receipts
Transaction 34 - Clearing Fund Receivable Receipts
Transaction 35 - Letter of Credit Cash Receipts
Transaction 9S - Accounts Receivable Subsidiary Ledger
Transaction 90 - Accounts Receivable
Transaction 91 - Memo Accounts Receivable
Transaction 97 - JT Receivable Receipts

We are working to have screen formats for these transactions available on our Web page at http://www.dbf.state.fl.us. If you need a hard-copy of the format, call the SAMAS Help Desk at 487-2627.

The transaction history file on the informational data base has mirror date fields which are Year 2000 compliant. The existing date fields as well as their corresponding expanded date fields have been populated. Therefore, if you feel you need to make changes to your history transaction report programs because of sorts, comparisons or calculations using date fields, you may do so using the new field. Otherwise, your reports will continue to run without modifications.

In the Natural reporting process, we are not changing the format of the standard parameter because of size limitations. However, we have developed a date conversion routine that you can copy or use as a guide in converting the dates in the standard parameter. The routine is in library N000STD and is called STDPARM.

If you have questions concerning our Year 2000 modifications, please call the Help Desk at 487-2627.