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DATE: August 12, 1997
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting and Auditing
Office of the Comptroller

In order to assist State Agencies with processing Current Year Expenditure Refunds, effective August 5, 1997, Expenditure Refunds (transactions 38/39) are no longer automatically deleted from the system. These transactions will not be included in the 5-day negative balance deletion or the monthly deletion process. These JTs will not be automatically deleted or backed out of the system and will remain on the system the entire fiscal year until all remaining transactions not processed are purged at June 30.

If additional information concerning this change is needed, please call the SAMAS Help Desk at 850-487-2627 ( SUNCOM 277-2627) or Sharon Schrader at 850-414-7835 (SUNCOM 994-7835).