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DATE:            June 29, 2005


TO:                 Agency Addressed (No. 13, 2004-05)


FROM:           Douglas A. Darling, Director

                        Division of Accounting and Auditing

                        Department of Financial Services


SUBJECT:      Modifications and Additions To the State Standard Expenditure Object Codes

Legislation was introduced during the 2005 Legislative Session to increase the rates established in Section 112.06, Florida Statutes, for Per Diem, Meals and Mileage.  Our current object code structure in Central FLAIR does not provide for the capturing of travel expenditures at this level.  Therefore, we were not able to provide meaningful expenditure data to legislative staff for fiscal analysis purposes.

 The Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget has advised that actual expenditure data for Per Diem, Meals and Mileage is needed to support any legislation to increase these rates.  We understand there will be a workload increase on your staff to capture this data.  However, to achieve a more equitable reimbursement to those State Employees who are in a travel status, we must work together on this initiative.

 Effective July 1, 2005, the state standard expenditure object codes have been expanded/modified as follows:

 In-State Travel


261000 In-State Travel

Includes travel within Florida, other than Per Diem, Meals and Mileage


261100            Per Diem

261200            Meals (A & B)

261300            Mileage

 Out-of State Travel


 262000 Out-of-State Travel

Includes travel outside of Florida but within the United States, other than Per Diem, Meals and Mileage


262100            Per Diem

262200            Meals (A & B)

262300            Mileage

The expenditure object codes list is available on the Department of Financial Services website at http://www.myfloridacfo.com, Division of Accounting & Auditing, Bureau of Accounting – State Standard Expenditure Object Codes.

 Please contact Allen Reams at (850) 410-9355 or allen.reams@fldfs.com if you have any questions.