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DATE:            April 1, 2005

TO:                Agency Addressed (No. 09, 2004-2005)

FROM:           Douglas A. Darling, Director

                       Division of Accounting & Auditing

                       Department of Financial Services


SUBJECT:     Modifications To The State Standard Expenditure Object Codes

This memo notifies Agencies of additions, revisions and deletions to the current state standard expenditure object codes, effective April 1, 2005.  The expenditure object codes list is available on the Department of Financial Services website at http://www.myfloridacfo.com, Division of Accounting & Auditing, Bureau of Auditing - State Standard Expenditure Object Codes.


257000  - Payments to inmates for Services

770000 - Disaster Relief Assistance

              Payments for losses from the qualifying named storms in 2004.


 461800 - Registration Fee/Training with no travel expenses


 499800 - Other – Training

 Please contact Susan Mentillo at (850) 410-9349, SC 210-9349 or susan.mentillo@fldfs.com if you have any questions regarding this information.