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DATE: August 6, 1997
TO: Agencies Addressed
FROM: Bill Monroe, Director of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller

Several errors have surfaced in our process to automate the correction of disbursement transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. The following is a summary of the errors and changes that we have made:

Release of 7/8/1997:

  • Terminal id incorrectly reflected "BTCH' and was changed to 'AUTO'.
  • Statewide Document Number (SWDN) was not being stored on history transactions.
  • Automatic TR58 did not properly change the Bookkeeping Indicator (BKI) to blank for any disbursement that originally contained BKI = Z, X, N or A.

Release of 8/5/1997:

  • The automated TR58 did not always correctly contain the same site code as the originating transaction.
  • Amount, Units, and Time correctly reversed the original value for these fields, but Quantity was not reversed with the opposite sign from the originating transaction.
  • When an entire voucher or JT was rejected by the Bureau of Auditing, there were cases when only parts of the voucher or JT were successfully backed out and the rest appeared on the Batch 58 Error Report. This occurred when lines of the voucher or JT contained the same Account Code (including CFI), Voucher Number, Voucher Type, Object Code (4 digits), Vendor, Invoice and Subvendor but different State Program Codes (digits 1 - 10). The Departmental SAMAS nightly voucher process was modified to ignore State Program which will increase our ability to generate an automatic TR58.

We would appreciate your keeping us informed of any situations that you feel are not handled properly in this process. As it is refined, we hope that your efforts to reconcile the Departmental and Central accounting entries will be tremendously reduced. If additional information is needed, please call the SAMAS Help Desk at 487-2627, Suncom 277-2627.