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DATE: July 30, 1997
TO: Agency Addressed
FROM: William O. Monroe, Director
Division of Accounting and Auditing
Office of the Comptroller

Effective July 1, 1997, the Recurring Payment System was made available for use by State agencies. The Recurring Payment System is for use when making payments that are identical or similar in nature. State agencies are encouraged to use the Recurring Payment System in order to eliminate duplication of efforts and to minimize use of paper.

The Recurring Payment System may be used for payments to State agencies as well as payments to vendors on a fiscal year basis. These payments include, but are not limited to; rents, utilities, maintenance services, etc. The Recurring Payment System may also be used for annual contracts paid out as a fixed monthly rate.

The Recurring Payment System allows an agency to schedule their repetitive payments once prior to the initial payment. Payments may be on a monthly or quarterly cycle and be a fixed or variable amount. Agency input of the required payment information will be done by accessing the "RE" Function on the Main Accounting Menu. Updating of the recurring payment file is immediate once an agency has completed their "input" and "approval" of the payment information.

The Bureau of Auditing has developed a certification checklist to be completed by State agencies for each recurring payment ID number. Please call the Bureau of Auditing contacts listed below for copies of the certification form. Agency certifications for commodities and contracts should be completed and submitted to your respective Bureau of Auditing audit section or appropriate field office for all recurring payment requests. No additional documentation will be required at this time for recurring payment requests. In lieu of submission of the agency certification for private sector lease payments, agencies should input the lease number in the appropriate field on the recurring payment input screen. Upon receipt of the agency certification and/or system notification of the payment request, the Bureau of Auditing will review and approve or disapprove the recurring payment request. Once a recurring payment request has been approved by the Bureau of Auditing, the initial payment and all subsequent payments for the fiscal year will be automatically processed by the system, unless information in certain Comptroller sensitive data elements is changed by the agency. A change in any of the Comptroller sensitive data elements will require the recurring payment request to be re-approved by the Bureau of Auditing. A listing of the Comptroller sensitive data elements is included in the SAMAS Recurring Payment handout.

A SAMAS Recurring Payment handout with input instructions is available upon request from the SAMAS Help Desk. If you have any questions concerning Recurring Payment entries, please call the SAMAS Help Desk at 487-2627 or Suncom 277-2627. You may also call Cheri Greene at 850-414-7861 (SUNCOM 994-7861), Sharon Schrader at 850-414-7835 ( SUNCOM 994-7835), or the appropriate Bureau of Auditing Field Office.