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DATE: June 10, 2003
TO: Agency Addressed (No. 12, 2002-2003)
FROM: Douglas A. Darling, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Department of Financial Services
SUBJECT: Department of Financial Services-New Account Codes

This memo notifies Agencies of FLAIR account code changes effective July 1, 2003. State agencies that utilize the general revenue refund function must use the new account code for processing beginning July 1, 2003. The other frequently used account codes that will change effective July 1, 2003 are listed below.

General Revenue Fund

43-10-1-000001-43200100-00-003700-00 Prior Year Warrant Cancellation

General Revenue Fund-Refund Overpayment of Taxes

43-10-1-000902-43200100-00-003700-00 Prior Year Warrant Cancellation
43-10-1-000902-43200100-00-220020-00 Refund State Revenues
43-10-1-000902-43200100-00-220030-00 Refund Non-state Revenues

Bureau of State Payrolls Clearing Funds

43-74-2-101001-43200100-00-000600-00 Collector Internal Revenue Clearing TF (Income Tax)
43-74-2-370001-43200100-00-000600-00 Hospital Insurance Tax Clearing TF (Medicare)
43-74-2-643001-43200100-00-000600-00 Social Security Clearing TF (Employee & Employer)

Treasury Investment Trust Fund

43-71-2-728001-43100300-00-004000-00 Other Non-operating Receipts

State Risk Management Trust Fund

43-10-2-078001-43400100-00-005800-00 Premiums Paid By State Agencies
43-10-2-078001-43400100-00-005810-00 State Property Insurance Revenue
43-10-2-078001-43400100-00-001903-00 Sales of Goods/Services To State

Unclaimed Property Trust Fund

43-71-2-007001-43200200-00-003600-00 Unclaimed Property Receipts

If you have any questions regarding this memo please contact the FLAIR Help Desk at 850-410-9340, SUNCOM 210-9340, email: DIS_Helpdesk@dfs.state.fl.us

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