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DATE: December 5, 2002
TO: Agency Addressed (No. 04, 2002-03)
FROM: Douglas A. Darling, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller
SUBJECT: Voucher Processing For Calendar Year End 2002

As the end of the calendar year approaches, we recommend that all agencies allow adequate time for processing financial transactions prior to December 31, 2002. We are asking agencies to substantially complete their voucher input by Friday, December 27. All certified forward transactions and any other vouchers that need to be processed before the end of the calendar year should be submitted to the Bureau of Auditing by the close of business on Monday, December 30. Because the Bureau of Auditing needs to finish processing all calendar year-end vouchers by the close of business on Tuesday, December 31, vouchers will be accepted on that day on an exception basis only.

If additional information or assistance is needed, please contact Sandra Chapman at 850-410-9301, SUNCOM 210-9301 or Sharon Schrader at 850-410-9323, SUNCOM, 210-9323.

Your continued cooperation is appreciated.

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