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DATE: November 15, 2001
TO: Agency Addressed (No. 05, 2001-02)
FROM: Douglas A. Darling, Director
Division of Accounting & Auditing
Office of Comptroller
SUBJECT: Direct Deposit Authorization Forms

The Direct Deposit Section is experiencing some difficulties with authorization forms being submitted by employees. Your assistance in addressing the following will be appreciated.

  • Discontinue use of forms that do not show a revision date of August 2000 or later. (See Agency Addressed Memorandum No. 8 (2000-2001), located at http://www.dbf.state.fl.us/audit.html.)
  • Ensure web sites, agency credit unions and personnel offices at all locations use the correct form.

  • Forms may be obtained by sending e-mail to directdeposit@mail.dbf.state.fl.us; specify the number of forms needed and the mailing address. You may visit our web site at http://www.dbf.state.fl.us/ddhowto.html for a printable version of the form that also may be downloaded.

  • Employees who transfer between agencies should submit a new form only when their account information is changing.

  • Fax the completed form to the Direct Deposit Section at (850) 410-9376, SunCom 210-9376 or mail it to the address on the form. DO NOT FAX AND MAIL THE SAME FORM(S) Fax cover sheets are not necessary.

  • Employees should call the Interactive Voice Response system at (850) 413-7262, SunCom 293-7262 approximately 10 days after sending the fax to determine the effective date for the authorization.

  • Employees should always fill in the blocks for account number and transit routing number, even if they attach a voided copy of a personal check.

  • The last block on the form is for the signature of the STATE EMPLOYEE, not the financial institution. Forms that have not been signed by the authorizing employee will be returned without being processed.

    Your cooperation and assistance in addressing these issues will help assure timely compliance with the provisions of Section 110.113, F.S.


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