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Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime that can affect anyone, but military communities are often prime targets for identity thieves, due to frequent travel that makes it hard to stay on top of finances; granting power of attorney to someone while deployed; etc. Below is information and resources to help protect your identity.

Identity Theft Resources

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Servicemembers should be able to accomplish their mission without worrying about illegal or harmful financial practices. The Office of Servicemembers Affairs is here to ensure that military personnel and their families have a voice at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Federal Trade Commission – Military Families

The Federal Trade Commission recognizes the unique challenges servicemembers and their families face managing their finances and personal information. Servicemembers are at an increased risk for identity theft because of frequent moves and overseas deployment. Here you will find information to protect your identity.

Florida Department of Financial Services’ Financial Frontlines

Financial Education for Servicemembers and Veterans – Florida CFO Patronis knows the unique challenges servicemembers, their families and veterans face while managing their finances. Here you will find information and resources designed to help you protect, grow and manage your finances.

Florida Office of the Attorney General

The Florida Office of the Attorney General designed an identity theft kit to help you through the process of resolving your identity theft case and clearing your name. As soon as you become aware that your identity has been misused, it is important that you keep track of the action you take and retain a record of your progress.

Internal Revenue Service Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

Request an IP PIN for an added layer of protection against identity theft. This 6-digit IP PIN is assigned to eligible taxpayers and helps prevent the misuse of their Social Security number on fraudulent federal income tax returns.

Military One Source

Military One Source is a Department of Defense funded program providing a variety of information on every aspect of military life. Topics include, but are not limited to; deployment, finances, spouse employment, children services and education.