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About Us

The Florida Department of Financial Services is a state agency overseen by Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. Within DFS, the Division of Consumer Services provides educational and information resources to protect and educate Florida’s insurance and financial consumers through its responsive, professional and innovative service.

In an effort to specifically address the financial concerns of Florida’s roughly 61,000 military servicemembers, DFS launched the Financial Frontlines website. The purpose of the site is to provide the military community with valuable financial information and resources while addressing the financial challenges unique to this community.

A component of Financial Frontlines is Serve Save Succeed, which serves as a resource and community forum for current and former military servicemembers on financial-related topics. We encourage you to share your personal savings stories with the community and thoroughly review the resources on this site that address the top financial challenges facing military personnel such as saving and budgeting; transitioning and adjusting to civilian life; disability challenges, and the availability and quality of health care; unemployment; and homelessness.


Serve Save Succeed (SSS), a component of Financial Frontlines, serves as a resource and community forum for current and former military service members on financial-related topics. On the forum, members are able to discuss successful saving and budgeting options, tips on navigating the unique financial challenges faced by those in the military, etc. Testimonial videos featuring current service members and veterans discussing their personal stories of saving and budgeting are highlighted on the site. The forum also allows for departmental interaction and engagement with the military community to assess their resource needs directly.