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Dear Fellow Floridians:

Are you crunched for cash this Christmas? Many are, and it’s to be expected with all of the parties and gift buying this month. One quick way to possibly scrounge up a few extra bucks is by checking our unclaimed property program for an account in your name. It’s free, available online, and open 24/7 by visiting's Unclaimed Property

There’s more than one billion dollars currently waiting to be claimed and some of it might be waiting for you! Have you ever forgotten to cash a last paycheck or reclaim a deposit from your cable company? More people have than you might think, but what you may not know is that this money doesn’t go lost forever. After a period of time, it comes to my Department’s unclaimed property program where the money will sit until you claim it.

So, before you start flipping couch cushions looking for a few extra dollars, take a quick trip to our website because you never know what you might find. Roughly one in five Floridians has an account, so the odds are in your favor!


Jeff Atwater
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

Don’t Let Your Holiday Spirit Go Up In Flames!

Faulty wire causes tree to burn in seconds. I recently wrote and told you about the possible fire dangers involving your Christmas tree. However, I know that sometimes we have to see something to believe it. So, our fire safety public education team has partnered with local fire departments across Florida to show just how quickly your holiday spirit can go up in flames.

With events in Tampa, Pensacola and Chattahoochee, our team put together displays that show what could happen to your tree if you are not careful. Check out these pictures as a reminder to be safe and water those #FreshfromFlorida Christmas trees!

Florida's Bottom Line: DFS Accomplishments

Learn about the accomplishments of the Department of Financial Services in a column/infographic written by CFO Jeff Atwater in the current edition of Florida's Bottom Line. Here is the infographic:

DFS Accomplishments in Florida's Bottom Line

Florida Economic Briefs

Florida’s real GDP increased 2.3 percent
Florida’s real gross domestic product (GDP) increased 2.3 percent in the second quarter of 2016, higher than the national average of 1.2 percent. Compared across the 50 states, Florida had the seventh highest real GDP growth, and the eleventh highest private sector real GDP growth in the second quarter.
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Retail activity continues to rise in Florida
Retail activity has increased 6.9 percent over the year. Retail activity averages taxable sales, which includes business investment, building investment, and tourism and recreation, among others. Consumer nondurables saw the highest year-over-year growth (14.1 percent), followed by autos and accessories (7.4 percent), and building investment (7.3 percent). Together these indicators are used as a bellwether of regional economic activity.
Source: Office of Economic and Demographic Research