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My Florida C F O
Weekly eNewsletter from Florida's Chief Financial Officer

Dear Fellow Floridian:

Innovation is the driving force behind a diverse economy, and it's vital to the long-term prosperity of our state. Florida has worked hard to create an environment for long-term growth and investment that allows businesses to better serve their communities and employ more of their neighbors. This culture of innovation has helped Florida Florida's Bottom Line: Innovative Florida be recognized as the “Most Innovative State in the Nation” by Fast Company magazine this year, reflecting our thriving network of entrepreneurs and startups. Within a short period of time, our state has strengthened our economy by becoming a leader in business innovation and technology.

Beginning with this edition on our state’s biotechnology industry, Florida’s Bottom Line will begin a three-part series on Innovative Florida, highlighting the people and industries that are driving our future as a diversified economy. We have the fastest growing biotechnology regions in the nation and are recognized as one of the most attractive areas worldwide for this industry. In fact, more than 200 biotechnology companies now call Florida home.

It is the collective ingenuity and perseverance of Floridians that created the foundation for our Innovative Florida and it will be their continued commitment and creativity that will transform our state into a global leader for innovation and economic prosperity in the 21st century.

Jeff Atwater
Jeff Atwater
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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